ID: Poetry – Family of Trust

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Family of Trust When family we trust Turns feelings into dust   There’s unconscious hurt lying there in the dirt   Even if we understand the situation There’s no helping unconscious retaliation   Actions that step on pride Done without a thought […]

ID: Poetry – World Untouched

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit World Untouched Silence so sincere In the quiet reaches Hidden in parts of the globe That heaven reveres Where beauty’s glow Overflows in vast freedom No restrictions that bind No human touch to spoil natures perfect mold In this eden unreached Untouched […]

ID: Poetry – Pride

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Pride Pride which is sometimes measuredPride which is also treasured Pride is something not hiddenPride is something given Pride is a gift to usPride can be forwarded to everyone else Pride in others make us glowPride in we can only grow Pride is something felt not saidPride is not […]