ID: Poetry – Portabella Mushroom


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Portabella Mushroom 

Portabella mushroom

Looking like a slice of meat

It’s a sandwich I thought

To be made of cheese


A fan of mushrooms

Is something I am not

It is a food

I wouldn’t pick from any lot


The sandwich tastes aweful

But the restaurant’s crowded

Like wolves drooling 

Over the meat the kitchens cooking

So why would a vegetarian 

Go to a mainly meat place

When the only veggie food

Is something my palette can’t take?

Well that’s a good quarry 

But at least I now know

Portabella mushrooms 

Are one meal for which I’ll go

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Hello & Welcome to MCPthoughts

Hi, M.C. here =) Welcome to Muses of Creativity & Philosophical Thoughts

(Otherwise known as MCPthoughts)

MCPthoughts features a variety of multimedia that join together with philosophical perspectives and thoughts. I believe you’ll find them in thought provoking, intriguing, and relatable and maybe find some sparks of inspiration too. The creative works (text, video, pictures, etc.) are all my original works stemming from introspective thoughts, observations, experiences, life lessons, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Each delving into subjects of simplicity and depth, showcasing life and the world from different and unique perspectives. 

This is where MCPthoughts begins, so I hope you enjoy what’s in store and stay for the ride, as we throw the first pebble to create ripples of positivity. 😉

-M.C. Infinite


ID: Poetry- Feelings Not Matched


Photography by M.C.Infinte

Feelings Not Matched

I realized long ago,

Our feeling 

Which didn’t match,

Feeling that can make 

Relationships crack

At the time

Loneliness ate at my soul

Consuming the reality

What I thought was love

Wasn’t love at all

The guilt which ripped 

Tearing at my heart

When the realization set

That I was using you 

As a way to rid myself 

Of hollowness I knew 

No one but myself could filled

The friendship so important

But alas abandoned

For fear of the sin

I cannot undo

Built from my selfish desperation 

No longer able to face

The emotional knife 

Dug in too deep

From my impulsive response

To sincere feelings 

Wrongly murdered in my wake

Do not forgive

For I won’t forget

I need to move forward

Even though my hearts in shreds

I will learn from this mistake

And grow so that I mature

From a flailing newborn bird

To an eagle that soars

I will not be a repeat offender

Hurting others & creating splinters

In relations of importance

With self-centered intentions

It’s not that I don’t care

It’s that I care too much

Though this feeling is not a match

To yours of love

Poetry by M.C. Infinite

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AT: Philosophy- Decidedly Undecided, Isn’t That Okay?


As many of us as we get older or grow up, are forced to decide what we want to do, what we want to be, and we are we’re headed in life. We are more inclined to know in the last two years of high school. But how many of us really know what we want to do, what we want to be, where were headed, or even who we are? We feel so pressured to know the answers to those questions. Why? Maybe it’s because we feel others judge asks if we don’t know. And if we think we now can we change our mind, maybe it’s because people say didn’t you say you were going to be this? Didn’t you say this was your life purpose? Didn’t you say this is what you love to do and who you are? They’re bunch of questioning that gets done if we don’t know where we’re going. But isn’t that OK not to know. If we are forced to decide we are forced to follow that path then how are we ever now or get the opportunity to find out what we want to do? Peer pressure certainly stands true to its name as it is truly pressuring. Maybe because of that we feel stressed to stick to a path, a career choice, or job even if we don’t enjoy it, even if it’s not what we feel we want to do in life. Many of us go to college and many of us don’t. Does that make one group better than the other? For those going to college, even if they choose the major, not all stick to that major throughout their college career. Not all who even come out with a degree in a certain major end up using that degree when they get out of college. That leads to a major amount of debt that then sort of feels like a waste, because after all that time spent in college and even after graduating we still don’t know what we want to do. Sort of goes for the group that doesn’t go to College too. Whether it be because it’s a financial bind, or they are undecided what they want to pursue, or whether they would rather wait to find out what they want to do before they pursue a degree in that Field. No matter the reason, people who don’t go to college are often looks down do to the fact that society thinks it’s better to have a higher education, that a higher education meaning that you’re well educated. But just because someone doesn’t go to college doesn’t mean they’re not smart and doesn’t hinder success. Same goes for college students just because they go to college doesn’t mean that they’re all smart nor does it mean girl I’ll be successful. We have no right to judge others on their educational status. The reason, is because both or neither better than the other. They are very similar in the fact that there are ways to help us discover who we are and what path we want to take. They both don’t have a guaranteed outcome of discovering what we want to do. They both are equally A struggle, a challenge, and both face different judgments from society both good and bad. The only differences really between the two is that one is free and the other is expensive and one comes out with a degree and the other doesn’t. But what is the real outcome that we were all looking for at the end of each of those paths? Answers? Self discovery? Or knowing what, where, who we are and are going? Is it OK to not know we were going on both paths? Doesn’t make us wiser to know acknowledge that we don’t know where we want to go in life? Isn’t it more than OK to give ourselves time to discover that? So no matter if we take the route of college, no matter if we take the root of this ever ourselves through life experiences and different jobs, aren’t we both still aiming at the same goal? So what do you think? Do you think that someone who knows where they’re going is better than someone who is unsure? And is there really anyone who truly knows where they’re headed? At the end of the day do any of us really know? So what right do we have to judge another who bravely and openly admit to knowing that they don’t know where they want to go over there headed? Compared to the rest who may have outwardly stated, pursued, we’re currently working in the specific field they chose but may not feel like that is what they really love to do, or if this is always what they want to be doing? Because maybe even if we have been working in a specific field for our entire lives, maybe the truth is that internally we still don’t know what our purposes? So what is your opinion on the matter of knowing or not knowing where we are headed in life? What’s your take on being undecided or decided? I would love to hear what you all think on this matter. Anyway I shall catch you all later, peace out, captains of the world.


ID: Poetry- Tidal Awakenings


Photography by M.C.Infinite

Tidal Awakening

I feel an urge

More than just an impulse

To release all that is

And was and will be

I feel a wave of uplifting release

Releasing sorrow and all regrets

I can see my path

But not where it ends

But why does it matter

I am enjoy today

I live in endless cycles

Of learning, of growth, of change

Maybe that’s why

I feel change internally

Is so great

I can envision my journey

That may have many mountains to climb

But as I rise, I think

“Mai pen rai”

Because Look at the scenery

The view and the life

Every thing and being

Vibrating bright

It may be invisible

It is energy clear

But that’s sort of like water

Reflecting the rainbows of colors

In its infinite sky of depths

I sense a tsunami

Of positive change

I feel a surging of

Higher energy radiating

As it begins to flood this plane

I see something so unreal

That no one would believe

But to me it’s real

Who said being the same

Being normal is “cool”

Because life would be boring is

“Same” equaled “cool”

I say be different

And uniquely you

That makes life interesting

And fun, that’s cool

Do you feel it

This tidal awakening

Called hope and faith

Living in the hearts enlightening

But this is no end

Nor completion my friend

It’s only the start

Of a new beginning

Of exciting new adventures and

Challenges up ahead!

Poetry by M.C. Infinite 


Copyright © 2016, 2017 MCPthoughts All Rights Reserved

MI: Lyrics – Dream


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Once in a while

We’ll feel dreams won’t come true
And happiness never stays

Feeling so down
Wishing something would change
But thinking they never will

Though soon we realize
Without moving forward
We can’t begin anew


Sing with our hearts
Believe in what we can do
Be true to our hearts
Doing things only we can do

Come what may
And come what might
Believe in ourselves
And everything shall turn out right


Not knowing is scary
Afraid to find out
What future lies ahead

Belief in ourselves
Is like an protecting shell
Safeguarding dreams from society

As trying to fit societies norm
Makes us forget that the bigger we dream
The bigger our realities in the end


Sing with our hearts
Believe in what we can do
Be true to our hearts
Doing things only we can do

Come what may
And come what might
Believe in ourselves
And everything shall turn out right


We think never and always
Have no in between
Like there’s only two paths to take

But when following a road
Paved by a predecessor’s journey
We miss the true route made for us unique


Sing with our hearts
Believe in what we can do
Be true to our hearts
Doing things only we can do

Come what may
And come what might
Believe in ourselves
And everything shall turn out right

When we follow our heart
Everything shall turn out right

Copyright © 2017 M.C. Infinite @

ID: Poetry – Karaoke Ball


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Karaoke Ball

Lights low in a crowded room

Sounds bouncing off the ceiling

Music plays In echoing tunes

Reverberating off the walls like a ball

Heart beating like a drum against my chest

Nerves off railing from their usual tracks

People sing with lines floating across the tv

Waiting for my name to appear on the screen

Sing-along tunes bring the audience to join

Like a wild fire passing as voices rise

Rocking out to the songs on an air guitar 

While air drummers keep beat on invisible drums

So when my name is called up to the stage

I take a deep breath and remember this one simple thing 

That whether we sing like Scuttle or Ariel 

All that matters in the end is that we had fun

At this karaoke ball

Copyright © 2017 M.C. Infinite @

ID: Poetry – Perfectly Fine


Photography by M.C. Infinite
Perfectly Fine

Inner screams wait to burst

Can I hurt any worse

I sit and wait 

Mentally punching myself

I feel so lame

In no mood for the fun and games

Stop and go

Back and forth  

A stop sign  needed

To signal the pain to quell the hurt

I want to cry

Tears lining my eyes

Praying the pain 

Would just disappear 

It’s got nothing to gain

From staying in my line of sight here

Cold shivers 

Run down my spine

Sure I could lie 

And speak of being “Perfectly fine”

My brain is tortured 

The headache screams loud

This is why I really

REALLY hate crowds

Well I can’t die

If I did neither would the thorn

That pricks the hearts

Of those who love us most

As inside he pain of early death

Lies have no room to exist 

Lying is something only people

With a talent for that do

But those who are used 

To telling nothing but the truth

Struggle to hold a lie for long

As the more toxic a lie

The easier to have a slip of the mouth

And the longer held

The more painful when the truth comes out

While time keeps ticking

And life is being passed through

These pessimistic thoughts

That clutter positive space

Are not helping uplift any mood

Time to which I pray

Please help the hurt 

To be put to rest in an early grave

To just throw out these thoughts

Which bring nothing but drought 

To the oasis of a loving heart

To and fro

Where to go

The heart bleeds 

In thunderous doubts

Even though laughter helps

To cleanse the tears away

The rain doesn’t pour 

When needed most

So here I sit here like a statue 

With lips carved in a pout 

How much more

Till these feelings find a shore

Instead of drowning 

In a salty sea of tears

That seem to find a way

To surprisingly and randomly appear

Well maybe that’s why

Sometimes solice is found

In a heart full of tears

Once allowed to pour out

I’m only human after all

A race like caterpillars 

Which effort is put 

Towards breaking out

Of the cocoon 

filled with past sorrows

Though sometimes the fear

That there’s no way out

Delays the freeing of ones self 

Of walls that surround me on all sides

It’s a shell in which I don’t have pride

I sometimes wish I had a large machine

To knock down the walls 

Which contain nothing

Nothing but pain 

Life’s expenses on feelings 

All indeed have worth

Other then feeling 

Emotionally broke

They slowly help

To accumulate strength

To which it’s value saves up

Turning into a savings 

Worth much more than hurt

So when the lie of being perfectly fine

Starts to rear its ugly head

Remember self, that no lie holds

So be honest instead

And let those feelings out

Through vents leading 

To emotional healing and health

Because once we do

Then it would be no lie

And we can honestly say

We are truly perfectly fine


 Copyright © 2015, 2017 M.C. Infinite @