ID: Poetry – Pride

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Pride Pride which is sometimes measuredPride which is also treasured Pride is something not hiddenPride is something given Pride is a gift to usPride can be forwarded to everyone else Pride in others make us glowPride in we can only grow Pride is something felt not saidPride is not […]

ID: Poetry – Earthly Flight

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Earthly Flight Once there was a mermaid princeBeautiful as the sea he livedBut lonely is a wordThat he'd never heard It doesn't existIn an ocean full of blissHe does not knowWhat word to sayFor he's differentFrom the mermaid race For the sea […]

ID: Poetry – No Regrets

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit No Regrets If leaving the earthly planeHope the life spentMade a differenceCreated changeLike leaving a footprintSet in concreteThat the life had really doneHave an existence hereThat it wasn't wastedAnd spent like cashThrown and turnedTo burning ashHoping that the impactNever be forgottenOf the […]

ID: Poetry – Internal Universe

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Internal Universe My soul whispersIn the dawning mornFilled with answersYet to be heardListen to our inner guidanceAs we walk on cloudsTaking is higherOne step at a timeOur spirits singA song of this planeOne of earthOne of rainA melody of love and lightThat […]