ID: Poetry – I’m Me

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit I’m Me Feeling flow Unburdened by over thought thoughts Heart loves Without restriction of conforming chains Choices made Not hindered by others opinions I live Based off of my own conviction I’m me And I don’t need anyone else’s permission Copyright © […]

ID: Poetry – Before Dawn

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit Before Dawn Hear the silence That isn’t so quiet Rummaging through the air Soft sounds of nothing Flow through the empty space Surrounding our physical plane The still before the noise of wake Wanders around the earth crust As half the world […]

ID: Poetry – My Bestie

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit (though photo was taken by someone else this time lol) My Bestie Musical mentor Psychic predicted Unexpected meeting Emotionally relating Similar struggles Can sleep forever Gifted songwriter Our bands co-writer Funny and quite weird Uniquely different Similar oddball Philosophical Very beautiful Somewhat […]